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Quick updates

Just wanted to let everyone know a couple of things...  first, the tickets for the LibertyCon 30 Banquet are already sold out!  It only took you guys like three days to get all of them!  We really appreciate the enthusiasm, and we're looking forward to having our best one yet!

Also as a quick note, we just wanted to let you know that Rich has opened the gates!  That's right, he's opened up the schedule for LC30 for everyone to look at...  and this thing is HUGE!  So go take a look at his latest monstrosity...  I mean work of art, and get your plans laid out for LibertyCon 30!

And as always, when you're looking at all of the options...  and you want to see everything but can't...  in the immortal words of Regina Kirby, "Choice is good".

The LibertyCon 30 Schedule