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Doug Loss running "One Last Job" at LC30

You guys might not know about it yet, but Doug Loss will be GM'ing an RPG session of "One Last Job" in Norfolk Saturday night at LC30 (at 6:00pm...  set a reminder now!).  

To give you an idea of what's up with it, here's you a bit of info:

If It Was Easy, We Wouldn't Need You

You're between jobs and things are getting a little tight when your ex, who's still working at Gressler-Khan (he's in upper management now) pings you.  He says he has something interesting that you might be a good fit for, but you need to see him in his office immediately.  What the hell, a girl's gotta eat.  You flash him back saying you'll be right there.

The security drones scan your creds (S4r4riw0m4n_LX) and pass you through with no hassle; what a change from when they escorted you away from your deck and out the door the last time you were here.  You go to your ex's office and after the door closes a surveillock field slashes all your connections.  Damn, this must be more than a little important.

Your ex looks you up and down and says, “Sarari, before we get started I need you to sig an ex-prej NDA.  You know what that means.  Break it and you're termed.”  Oh well, no guts, no glory.  You sig.

“OK, we need you to break into the Tessier-Ashpool orbital stronghold and upload an AI.  What it's for is none of your business.  We can't use a standard corp team for this, as the possibility of blow-back if they're made would be too great.  You'll have to infiltrate the corporate complex without raising the alarm.  You'll probably run into corporate crews of cyberwear-laden professionals primed to dispatch if there's trouble, surveillance bots, rentacop corporate security guards, and who knows what else?

“I'm thinking to do this you'll need to find Logos. That AI-rigger has a worryingly close relationship with her (or his? we've never met in meatspace) silicon friends.  But you've worked with her before.  I remember when you convinced that Senator to give up the information that Logos needed using only a needle.

“You used to be the best deck-jockey we had, till that black ICE fried your brain and left you a drooling simpleton.  Our cybermedtechs did what they could and mostly brought you back, but there were still unpredictabilities we couldn't accept around our class-1 datasets.  Still, I think you can do this.  We'll front you untraceable kit and transport; just let us know what you need.  The payout's more than you'd see in five years if you succeed.  You in?”

Character General Abilities:
MUSCLE (Hurt people, be athletic, intimidate, protect)
CYBER (Hack things, use computers)
SHADOW (Sneak, avoid things, break and enter, criminal knowledge)
HUSTLE (Lie, cheat, charm, impersonate, convince)

Game System Download