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Philip Wohlrab

Philip Wohlrab


Philip Wohlrab is a serving medic in the Virginia Army National Guard, he earned the title Doc the hard way while on his two tours in Iraq serving as a line medic embedded in infantry companies then returned home to pursue his interests in disease prevention. He is a recent graduate with his Masters of Public Health from Liberty University. He currently serves as an instructor in combat medicine, basic lifesaving skills, advanced lifesaving skills (military), and is the NCOIC of the Field Sanitation program. He is also the coordinator for the medical readiness events program for the VAARNG. In his limited free time, he is an avid consumer of science fiction books and films. He has participated on the Homo Stellaris track at Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop and is considering ways that we can achieve being an interstellar species from the perspective of what future public health will need.

Scheduled Programming Events Featuring Philip Wohlrab

Day Time Name of Event
Fri 05:00PM Opening Ceremonies
Opportunity to meet the LibertyCon Guests and Staff
Centennial Theater
(60 min)
Fri 08:00PM Medicine, Monsters and the Apocalypse
Dr. Darin Kennedy moderates this panel on the medical aspects of surviving in a post-apocalyptic landscape.
Sat 09:00PM Future Illnesses / Blights / Contagions - What's Coming Next?
Robert Hampson moderates this panel on future plagues and other health concerns that may be lurking around the corner.
Sat 11:00PM Mad Scientist Roundtable
Roundtable discussion of various and timely science topics moderated by Dr. Robert Hampson. This is a remarkable panel dating back to the earliest LibertyCons. Everyone gets a say but no one gets to say too much.
Sun 10:00AM Support Services in Military SF
Are military support services (intel, engineering, logistics, medical, etc.) accurately portrayed in Military SF? Our blue ribbon panel of military experts will discuss where the best and worst descriptions can be found. Tom Mays moderates.
Sun 02:00PM Traumatic Brain Injury: From GIs to Jocks
Dr. Robert Hampson will moderate this discussion on current problems of TBI in civilian as well and veteran populations - especially NFL and youth soccer & football. Discussion will also include how the current science and treatment has evolved courtesy of treating wounded warriors.