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LibertyCon loves a good room party, and we'd love for you to host yours at the convention!

Building One has been designated for the convention Room Parties, and to try to keep things tidy we've put together this little form that you can fill out so that we can make sure you get placed where you need to be.  Brandy is in charge of going over the room reservations for the hotel, and it would really make her life a little easier if you could let us know about your plans ahead of time.

All that we ask is that once you've made your hotel reservation, just let us know about it.  We need the name of your group/organization, the name of at least one organizer as a contact as well as a phone or email address to get in touch with them. Also we ask for the hotel reservation number (or name of the person it's under) so that Brandy can find it more easily. 

Also, it's not required but if you would like we would be more than happy to help you advertise your room party!  Just give us the relevant info and we'd be glad to put up announcements on the webpage and even include the party into our schedule!  (This would include the online schedule as well as the mobile app, and if we have enough participation to make it worthwhile quite possibly a special section on the printed Pocket Program that we give out at the convention)