Xenotech Queen's Gambit

Xenotech Support: Book 2:

Jack Buckston braves giant robots, armored combat infantry, nova bombs, and the challenges of picking his girlfriend's family up at the airport to help the 15-foot tall, nine-ton, pink, elephant-shaped Queen Matriarch of the planet Dauush save her people and Earth from a plague that threatens to turn them into compliant slave soldiers. This is the second book in the Xenotech Support / Galactic Free Trade Association series. Reviewers have said that Xenotech Rising, the first book in the series, is "A great, original, fun romp!" and "A unique and superb addition to science fiction." Others have said it has "Echoes of Robert A. Heinlein" and it's "Pratchett-esque." See what the fun's about and join Jack Buckston and Poly Jones as they build their company, Xenotech Support, that tries to handle all the crazy alien technology Earth has received after joining the Galactic Free Trade Association.
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Dave Schroeder

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