Hostile Takeover Trilogy

It is the middle of the 24th Century, after a long history of bloodshed lorded over by a dictatorial Terra, the many planets of humankind have knitted together a precariously balanced peace, a peace that has lasted for a century despite the warren of conflicting powers and interests that make up the Confederacy.

Also, for a century, a planet has nestled in the heart of the Confederacy outside that precarious balance. The planet is named Bakunin, a place founded by anarchistic idealists which has evolved/degenerated into a Libertarian nightmare/paradise.

Bakunin becomes the center of a web of intrigue that, once it explodes, threatens to destroy both it and the Confederacy.

Note:This omnibus contains the novels Profiteer, Partisan, and Revolutionary.
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S. Andrew Swann

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