A fusion of the beauty and romance of Steampunk and the action and adventure of the superhero genre, this tale is about an extraordinary young woman named Keely.

She fell to Earth, crashing to the streets of a city under siege. However, as foreign as the invaders are to humanity, so is she to those who find her.

Thomas Laybourne, a weapons designer, finds the unconscious star girl and with the aid of his friend Doctor Hunter and a grumpy clothier named Mattie, tries to determine who she is and why she's arrived during humanity's darkest days.

With most of Earth under alien control, only Britain remains as the last vestige of organized resistance. However, the end maybe near unless Laybourne's latest superweapon can turn the tide of battle.

Will her arrival harken a change in the struggle? Can they stop the aliens' advance and save the Empire in time? Or is humanity destined to freeze and wither away beneath the dark clouded skies?
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D. Alan Lewis

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