Other Heads & Other Tales

Were any of the Moon landings hoaxed? Will we ever forget that we went to the Moon? What happens in a future where everyone else in the world is suddenly many times smarter than you? What happens after hundreds of millions of people are frozen in suspended animation? What will amateur matter tranmitter operators do? Is there a solution to the abortion issue that will satisfy all sides? And -- what is that Face on Mars?

Come and read Arlan's stories and find the answers!

Dr. Arlan Andrews, Sr., is the founder of SIGMA, the Science Fiction Think Tank, which works with the US government and non-profit organizations to provide the unique futurism of science fiction writers for those who need it most.

During his career as engineer, entrepreneur and author, Arlan has published nearly 500 stories and articles in 100 venues worldwide, primarily in science fiction, the paranormal, futurism and the fringe areas of science and folklore.

With seven scenarios of the future, OTHER HEADS AND OTHER TALES is Arlan's first published collection of science fiction short stories. Featuring previously published stories from anthologies edited by Charles Sheffield and Elton Elliott, as well as from the science fiction magazines ANALOG and AMAZING STORIES, this Kindle collection also presents two previously unpublished tales. Humorous or serious, Arlan's topics range from the political effects of cryonics (freezing dead people), to The Face on Mars, to amateur matter transmitter operators, to fake Moon landings (and real ones), the strange uses of nanotechnology, and more.

Come join Arlan in the futures he's foreseen.
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Arlan Andrews

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