Sha'Daa Inked

The mother of all apocalypses, "The Sha'Daa," is back and more terrifying than ever as multiple portals to horrifying hell dimensions burst open all across the Earth... but there is still hope for humanity!

The mysterious supernatural trickster known as Johnny the Salesman is up to his usual eldritch shenanigans, offering dark magic trades if one is brave enough to barter with him. Johnny's latest ally, the immortal tattoo artist Haumea, just might have the answer to saving the planet from total destruction--if she can create enough supernatural tattoos at Mom's Bane tattoo parlor to turn the tide against evil.

Fourteen authors of the macabre offer up twelve gruesome tales of supernatural tattoos in this delightful shared-world dark-fantasy adventure.

Tattoo Artist Halo Jankowski's 'Foreword' and Novelist Trent Zelazny's 'Introduction' kick off this daring anthology with their unique thoughts on the current state of skin art, and how it has had a profound effect on their lives!
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Kacey Ezell

Rich Groller

Michael H. Hanson

Edward McKeown

Chris Smith

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