Dark Parchments

Dark Parchments: Midnight Curses and Verses

Frightening visions of abandonment, suicide, murder, and depression ... nightmares populated by archetypes of spiritual evil, loneliness, death, mystery, and supernatural terror. These are the life-blood of haunted poet, Michael H. Hanson.

Take a step upon a dangerous carnival ride of the soul and brace yourself for jarring drops into shocking darkness. Dark Parchments offers up 85 chilling poems that crawl and slither through the fears staining the human psyche, making us shiver in the night.

Scared yet? ... You will be.

"Where are today's lyric poets? Where is today's Shelley? [He] may well be in the pages of DARK PARCHMENTS: Midnight Curses and Verses, a brooding anthology exploring humanity's awful heart, its crippling guilt and madness, its untoward dominion and unbridled power."

' Janet Morris, Author and Creator of the Heroes in Hell and Sacred Band series
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Michael H. Hanson

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