No Choice

A shifter caught on film. A cop with unwanted fame. Will she embrace her new identity, or become a monstrous beast?

McKenna Largo loves police work and hates being in the spotlight. But when the California cop transforms into a cougar in the middle of a bank raid, she knows there's no dodging the publicity. Now a viral video sensation, she's the reluctant public face of a newly created race of shifters…

As the police department uses her for "PR" and the governor plans a tourism campaign, slamming criminals behind bars seems a million miles away. Scared by her strange new impulses, Largo worries she's a monster. But when criminals capture innocent young shifters, the cougar and the cop combined must leap into action …

Will Largo run scared from the animal inside, or will she save the day and set her inner beast free?

No Choice is the first book in the Kaylid Chronicles thrilling urban fantasy series. If you like strong characters, fast-paced action, and unique shifters, then you'll love Mel Todd's exhilarating novel.

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Melisa Todd

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