Once Upon an Apocalypse

23 Twisted Fairy Tales: Fairy tales are fantastical tales in which anything'absolutely anything'can happen. Most fairy tales don't involve fairies. Some have morals, some don't. Some are for kids, some aren't. The oldest were told by adults to adults.

Fairy tales are populated by the weird and the bizarre. Elves and dragons, bridge trolls and deep-sea mermaids, sprites and goblins, talking animals and talking trees and sometimes, even fairies. There are no limits to what can be used in a fairy tale, or to what a fairy tale can be about.

Once Upon an Apocalypse contains fairy tales about zombies. Or, in some cases, zombie stories with fairies, or even fairy tales in which zombies also appear.

Benjamin Tyler Smith: "The Little Red Survivalist" - With the humans gone and a wave of zombies inbound, a resourceful hen prepares her farm for the worst the apocalypse has to offer.
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Benjamin Tyler Smith

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