Blood War: Power

What will you do to survive?

He didn't die with the rest of the Army at the battle of Ypsilanti. Maybe he should have. But since he didn't, he sure as hell would not wait for the demons to come back and kill the rest of them. His look through the dimensional portal, at the rabid hordes of demons waiting to cross over to Earth, drove Shane Gris deeper into his search for more powerful magic

Shane thought the magical races would be wise and noble. Turns out they were full of shit just like humans. His need to control magic, or at least bend it to his will, sends him searching across the world. A drunk Fae, a geas, and a teacher he never expected knock down his view of physical reality. Learning more than he thought possible, he finds himself struggling with the oaths he took and memories of the friends he left behind.

Still searching to see what else magic might be hiding from him, chasing the faintest of rumors across the world, he runs into something from Christian Mythology. Beings from other realms don't think like humans, and his mind may not survive the experience.
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Douglas Burbey

Melisa Todd

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