Blood War: Fight

Demons, Portals, Death, and Destruction - need we say more?

Nothing ever happens on his shift, so the last thing Major Declan Kenner expects is a portal opening and a demon army pouring into his world. Sitting safe in the Pentagon, watching friends and strangers die at the claws of hell-born monstrosities, sears his soul. The Earth’s machinery of warfare, designed to kill other humans, can't stop the hordes from consuming everything in their path.

When a new race emerges from the shadows to advise humanity in the use of magic and how to fight the demons, Major Kenner seizes the opportunity to fight for survival of mankind. As the war for the survival of humanity progresses, hard decisions must be made. His unit is formed to make decisions that no sane person would make. By the time they are done Kenner and his best friend may not come out intact. Magic, blood, death, and destruction become commonplace for most of the world.

As the war progresses, parts of his soul are carved off with each order he gives. The death toll rises worldwide with every battle, many of those deaths lay at his feet. There is no option left but to fight with everything Earth has. If the final battle comes, will death will be a relief? Or consign what is left of his soul to burn in hell?

Death is easy, living with his choices might kill him.

Get this action packed prequel novella to the breakout series - Blood War! Now you can find out what happened in the War.
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Douglas Burbey

Melisa Todd

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