Sarah A. Hoyt

Sarah A. Hoyt


Sarah A. Hoyt has been instructed by her husband to describe her writing as "no genre is safe from me." She has published more than 30 novels in science fiction, fantasy, mystery and historical. Two of her novels, Darkship Thieves and Uncharted (in collaboration with Kevin J. Anderson) have won the Prometheus and the Dragon awards, respectively. She's looking forward to the release of her novel Monster Hunter Guardian (with Larry Correia and in Larry's bestselling MHI series.)

Her short stories have been published in most surviving pro magazines and a number of anthologies.

She was born and raised in Portugal and became an American-by-choice 34 years ago. When not working, she can be found herding cats (no, really. She has four of them), refinishing furniture or hanging out with her husband, 2 (adult) sons and daughter-in-law. Most of the time, though, she is working.

She plans to get a life as soon as she stops living several imaginary ones.
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