Bill Fawcett

Bill Fawcett

     Author / Publisher

Bill has been a professor, teacher, corporate executive, and college dean. He is one of the founders of Mayfair Games. Recently Bill produced and designed several computer games and as Bill Fawcett & Associates packaged over 250 novels and anthologies iuncluding the Guide to Pern. Bill began writing with the juvenile Swordquest series inthe4 mid 80s. The Fleet science fiction series he and David Drake edited has become a classic of military science fiction. He has collaborated on several mystery novels as "Quinn Fawcett", including the Authorized Mycroft Holmes and Madame Vernet mysteries. Recent works include Making Contact: a UFO contact handbook, and a series of books about great mistakes in history: It Seemed Like a good Idea, You Did What? and How to Lose a Battle.
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