Anna Grace Carpenter

Anna Grace Carpenter


A.G. Carpenter writes fiction of (and for) all sorts, with a focus on

the speculative. With over a dozen published short stories, her work

has appeared in Twitter-zines such as One Forty Fiction and Trapeze

Magazine, online publications Daily Science Fiction, Abyss & Apex,

Nature Magazine - Futures, the Grantville Gazette, and others.

The Weather's Always Fine in Paradise, a collection of new and old

short stories and novelettes, is available now. Touch, a Southern

Gothic novella trilogy, is available from Falstaff Books. Monster

Society, an anthology of stories co-written in the 1632/Ring of Fire

shared world is out now from Eric Flintís Ring of Fire Press. A new

series of SF Western novels, beginning with A Fistful of Dust, is

forthcoming from Falstaff Books in Spring 2019.

Carpenter graduated from The College of Santa Fe with a degree in

Moving Image Arts (B.A, 2004) and is still an avid fan of film making,

with a preference for movies in which things explode. She maintains a

blog about her work and the process of writing on her website

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