Peter Grant

Peter Grant


Peter Grant was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. Over the course of two decades he served in the South African armed forces in active and reserve roles, worked in the information technology industry, and engaged in humanitarian activities before being ordained as a pastor.  He published a non-fiction book in 1984, as well as several articles over the years in professional publications.  In 1997 he immigrated to the USA, where he worked as a pastor and prison chaplain before a crippling injury forced his retirement.

He was assured by a neurosurgeon in 2005 that due to the nature of his injuries, he'd never be able to work again or earn his own living in a conventional way.  Determined to prove the doctor wrong, he began to study the craft of fiction writing, with emphasis on science fiction and fantasy.  Over the next eight years he wrote a dozen unpublished manuscripts totaling a couple of million words.  None were very good, but he learned from his mistakes and improved over time.  He also began blogging at 'Bayou Renaissance Man' with the intention of building up over time a readership that would also enjoy his books in due course.  This has proved to be a very successful strategy.

Peter has received a lot of help from his wife, Dorothy, a pilot whom he met in 2009 in Alaska and married the following year.  They moved to Tennessee, where her encouragement has helped him to persevere.  She's provided support in genre and category selection, keyword choices, search engine optimization, and marketing and promotion planning.  They work together in areas such as cover image selection and composing back-cover blurb.

Peter published his first military science fiction novel, 'Take The Star Road', in May 2013.  It's the first in a series titled 'The Maxwell Saga'.  It was well received, and was followed two months later by a sequel, 'Ride The Rising Tide'.  In September of that year he published a memoir of prison chaplaincy, 'Walls, Wire, Bars and Souls'.  In February 2014 his third SF novel, 'Adapt And Overcome', was published.  He's currently working on his fourth novel in the series.  As of March 2014, over a period of ten months since his first novel was published, Peter has sold over 20,000 books (electronic and paper versions).

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