James Young

James Young


James Young is a Missouri native who left small town life to attend a small, well-known Federal institution in upstate New York. After obtaining a degree in military history from West Point, Mr. Young spent six years repaying his education via military service in various locations (both foreign and domestic). Along the way he collected a loving, patient, and beautiful spouse (Anita C. Young)...and various animals that only fit those descriptions when it suited them.

After leaving the Army, James returned to the Midwest to pursue his Ph.D. in U.S. History while working for the Republic (again). When not tormenting his characters, Mr. Young spends his spare time reading Anita's first drafts, finishing that pesky dissertation, and trying to figure out whose idea it was to get a pair of flatulent, WWE emulating shelter dogs with paper fetishes. Usually he can be found at various book signings and Cons in the greater KC area.
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