Anita Moore

Anita Moore


Anita S. Moore makes her home in beautiful Dalton, Ga. with dear family and felines.

Early career:

Self, rouge, taught artist widely known for work in Cthulhu Mythos, done in somewhat Primitive style, and odd humor. Published in several genre E-Zines of the day

Eventually established (yeah it's still on Freeserver...) in the late 1990's

In 2002 opened a game store, Exit Zero, in Ringold, Ga. with friend Kenny Waters.

Learned a new art form: Miniature wargame terrain and scenery building.

The shop closed in 2004.

2005 Foofighterubu Wargame Terrain Studio (FWTS) was established in a converted attic studio of Chez Moore.

Terrain building was the extra income for school trips, year books, band camp, and proms.

Today it has become the bill paying job.

For 15 years Foo-Terrain Studio has shipped work to clients all over the world and to every State of the US, yes... including Alaska and Hawaii. wait... there may be a few New England States that have yet to order work from FWTS.

Images of past years, and current work can be found at

Or simply Google "Foofighterubu Wargame Terrain".

(Website forthcoming.)

Over the years, several gaming clubs have posted work "in play" on their sites. It's always exciting to see work with miniature armies all over it, serving it's purpose of creating and exciting and versatile environment, for sci-fi / fantasy / historical games and re-enactments.

Work can be seen on

Perhaps a few things still on Deviant Art (sales)

and still maintains a presence for sales on eBay, but ETSY is quickly becoming the site of preference.

In addition, Anita has two amazing children, Cliff-Zilla and Mele ACM Brueck, added to the family a son-in-law Orange Julius, of whom Cliff and Mele's late father, John "the Bard" Moore, would have greatly approved.

Anita teaches English. on occasion, thru the Plaza Communitaria program at Grace Church Dalton, and enjoys working, listening to books both meaningful and macabre, sci-fi TV, good old movies, good new movies, the company of friends, family.
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