Anita Moore

Anita Moore


Self-trained artist and accidental professional sculpture of extruded polystyrene, Anita S. Moore is the founder of FooFighterubu Wargame Terrain Studio. Anita makes her home in beautiful Dalton Georgia and and creates amazing scenes in the chaotic alternate dimension that is her attic.

Anita is a fairly well known Mythos artist as well. This and other genre art can be seen here at LibertyCon, at

And the new tee-public shop at

As a pro miniarures game terrain builder of 15 years , Anita has crafted everything from rubble strewn battlefields, grassy rolling hills and forests, quiet ponds and raging river. As well as complex scenery for a variety of game systems including bolt action, malifaux, Lord of the Rings, Warhammer fantasy Sigmar and 40K, and tabletop role-playing environments for D&D, red Earth I think that's the name, in Call of Cthulhu among others. These environments include grasslands, and volcano dominating landscapes.

Wastelands. Badlands. Swamp lands. High tower's. Catacombs. Dungeon tile. Dwarven strongholds. Structures and iconic features for a variety of Warhammer armies. Occasional SciFi and dark future landscapes. The Withardrobe doors to Narnia, and lots of Lord of the Rings stuff including Lonely Mountain, The Argonaut, Elven waterfalls, the Inn of the Prancing Pony, and Helms Deep... Twice! (This last may be viewed in the Libertyart show this year 2019.) More waterfall in rivers then you can count of every size and variety they can be planted on a gaming table for fun immersive wargaming for RPGs. Occasionally called upon to create diorama and scenes oh, and even has created a collection of natural settings for clients on either coast of the United States. And has work shipped literally all over the world including Europe, yes all of it, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Canada, nearly all 50 states including Hawaii and Alaska, Guadalajara, Russia, Poland, Japan, Afghanistan, I'm probably more of the Middle East wherever our fighting men had been. For a while there were lots of orders to one of two foreign Post Office ZIP codes which meant the box was going to a deployment area somewhere. Anita's work maybe scene and ordered our Facebook page

FooFighterubu Wargame Terrain Studio.



Anita's work appears in galleries as samples products produced using tools or product sold on those sites. Including

Hotwire Foam Factory


family-owned operation which releases Hotwire tools used by craftspeople, artists, and terrain builders.

And Unreal Details LLC owned and operated by Dave Williams and producer of Magic Water

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And speaking of role playing games. Anita will also be running to Call of Cthulhu concessions at Libertycon this year again.
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