Jack Clemons

Jack Clemons

     Scientist / Author

Jack Clemons is both an SF writer and a “rocket scientist”. He has published a number of science fiction stories and is an active member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. He has a Master Degree in Aerospace Engineering and was an engineer and team leader on NASA's Apollo Program and Space Shuttle Program. He was most recently Senior Vice President of Engineering for Lockheed Martin, where he led a team that redesigned the air traffic control systems for the United States and the United Kingdom.

Jack gives talks across the Mid-Atlantic region, including RavenCon, Balticon, Baltimore Book Festival and at NASA Goddard’s Spaceflight Center, on the Apollo Moon Program, on the design and first flights of the NASA Space Shuttle, and on the untold stories behind each of the American Flags left on the Moon by the Apollo astronauts. He appeared in the "Command Module" segment of Moon Machines, the Discovery Science Channel's award-winning six-part documentary about the Apollo Program. He writes a space and science blog for Amazing Stories Magazine online.

His non-fiction book, Safely to Earth, recounting his time on NASA’s Apollo and Space Shuttle programs, will be published by University Press of Florida later this year.

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