J. D. Beckwith

J. D. Beckwith


J.D. Beckwith is a mechanical engineer with delusions of writing grandeur. A lifelong fan of science fiction and fantasy, he has recently taken the opportunity to try his hand at the craft he's always admired. When he isn't working on either expanding his bibliography, or finding more efficient ways of manufacturing things like bulldozers, excavators, and garbage trucks, he amuses himself with reading, tabletop & RPG gaming, arguing on the internet, growing tomatoes, and herding cats all while trying to stay hidden in the woods of Northwest Georgia. eConscience Beta, is his first independently published novel. Check out J.D.'s book reviews & other nerdy stuff on his blog: Words from the Wampuscat @wampuscatenterprises.wordpress.com

Published & Upcoming Short Stories & Serial Works:

The Horizons Unlimited Universe

"Quicksilver" Planetary Anthology: Mercury [Superversive Press, Jan. 2018]

"37 Shades of Yellow" Planetary Anthology: Venus [Superversive Press, Feb. 2018]

"Xolotl Resurrected" Planetary Anthology: Earth [Superversive Press, June 2018]

Horizons Unlimited Volume I: A Space Adventure Anthology [Wampuscat Enterprises June 2018]. It will include the action packed novella "Escaping Aurora".
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