Philip Paul Sacco

Philip Paul Sacco

     Author / Performer

Mr. Sacco was born in New York and moved to Georgia as a youngster with his family. He completed his education receiving a degree in biology and physics from Augusta University. He went on to get a degree in dental technology from the Medical College of Georgia, School of Dentistry, graduating summa cum laude.

Rekindling a childhood interest in Astronomy in the early 1990’s, he went on to become an officer of the Atlanta Astronomy Club, holding the positions of President and Vice President of Observing several times. Taking an avid interest in taking astronomy to the public, he held a national office as the South Eastern Regional Director of the Astronomical League (S.E.R.A.L) for six years. Today he holds the title of ‘Master Astronomer’ by the Astronomical League, one of some 160 world-wide. Over the course of several years, Mr. Sacco developed a chapter of Astronomy at the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Management Area. The Chapter today has grown to over 60 members and hosts regular public viewing events.

Philip takes an unusual approach to astronomy with the public, preferring naked eye observing and the re-telling of the tales represented in the heavens. His entertaining ‘Walk-n-Talks’ are a treat for all. He is well known as a Mythologist able to weave the convoluted stories of the ancients in an entertaining and educational way. He also has a penchant for mixing science fact with science fiction in his ‘after midnight’ talks.

A profoundly spiritual individual, Mr. Sacco is a recognized speaker on spiritual warfare, having written a book on the topic entitled ‘Awaken the Warrior.’ His book is a multi-discipline study of the armor of God, breaking each piece down Biblically, historically as well as psychologically. He maintains an active ministry and can be found online at He is a one of a kind Christian minister magician, teaching spiritual principles with the aid of sleight of hand magic. Having studied the art of sleight of hand since the age of 7, Mr. Sacco loves entertaining impromptu audiences with otherwise unbelievable feats all the while teaching about character, morality, and spiritual awareness.

Philip has put his background as a scientist to good use in his study of the making of mead. Having started with a 2000 year old Roman recipe he researched some 33 years ago, today he teaches how to make and appreciate this age old golden elixir. His technique is unique and of his own creation, breaking many conventional ‘rules’ to derive a delicious and reproducible product he labels by the name “Roman Daze Meadery.”

For a truly intoxicating experience, one must join Mr. Sacco for a mead tasting and witness his skills with sleight of hand as he practices One Magical Knight weaving lessons of the Spirit with his spirits. Just ask him to show you some magic, he will gladly entertain at the drop of a hat!

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