Michael H. Hanson

Michael H. Hanson

     Author / Publisher

Michael H. Hanson created the ongoing SHA'DAA shared-world anthology series currently consisting of "SHA'DAA: TALES OF THE APOCALYPSE", "SHA'DAA: LAST CALL", "SHA'DAA: PAWNS," "SHA'DAA: FACETS", "SHA'DAA: INKED", "SHA'DAA: TOYS," and "SHA'DAA: ZOMBIE PARK", all published by Moondream Press (an imprint of Copper Dog Publishing). Michael's short story "C.H.A.D." appears in the Crystal Lake Publishing anthology "C.H.U.D. LIVES!", his short story "Rock and Road" appears in Positronic Publishing's Roger Zelazny tribute anthology "SHADOWS AND REFLECTIONS," and his short story "Born Of Dark Waters" appears in Independent Legion Publishing's "THE BEAUTY OF DEATH 2: DEATH BY WATER" anthology. Michael also has stories in Janet Morris's Heroes-in-Hell (HIH) anthology volumes, "LAWYERS IN HELL," "ROGUES IN HELL," "DREAMERS IN HELL," "POETS IN HELL," "DOCTORS IN HELL," "PIRATES IN HELL," "LOVERS IN HELL," and "MYSTICS IN HELL." He has had over 100 short stories published in the fields of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Michael has also written six collections of poetry: "AUTUMN BLUSH" & "JUBILANT WHISPERS" (Racket River Publishing), "DARK PARCHMENTS" & "WHEN THE NIGHT OWL SCREAMS" (MoonDream Press), and "ANDROID GIRL And Other Sentient Publications" & "QUARANTINE WORLD: Trapped in The Coronaverse" (Three Ravens Publishing). His work regularly appears in the annual Rhysling Anthology and the HWA Poetry Showcase. He currently lives in Colorado.

Scheduled Programming Events Featuring Michael H. Hanson

Day Time Name of Event
Fri 05:00PM Opening Ceremonies

Take advantage of the opportunity to meet the LibertyCon Guests and Staff and learn about this year's planned festivities!

Sat 10:00AM Reading: Michael H. Hanson

Come and enjoy a reading by our author guest.

(60 min)
Sun 11:00AM What's New From 3 Ravens Publishing
William Joseph Roberts moderates this roundtable discussion about What's New From 3 Ravens Publishing.
Sun 12:00PM What's New From Copper Dog Publishing

Publisher Michael Hanson and his authors talk about what's new this year from Copper Dog Publishing. 



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