Holly McClure

Holly McClure

     Author / Publisher

Raised by Shamans, storytellers, preachers, and bluegrass musicians, child of the Smoky Mountains with a Cherokee mom and a father whose people came from the Scottish Highlands, Holly draws on her heritage for inspiration as an author and storyteller. She is published in YA, mystery, thriller, literary, non fiction, historical fiction and inspirational. As a professional storyteller, she honed the craft of presenting a tale that transfixes listeners and readers alike. Writing Conjuror allowed her to revisit a childhood filled with supernatural tales and magic through the eyes of Wren, an eight year old girl who believed, because the elders who told the stories believed.

Conjuror Supernatural Thriller. A powerful object in the wrong hands awakens an ancient evil. John Mcleymore learns secrets that force him to do things that scare him to death to save the life of everyone he loves.

Twisted Hair and the People of One Fire: A blend of history and myth seen through the eyes of Twisted Hair and the storytellers who followed him. The Cherokee legend of the Mother Town and a mystical mound where the ancients live and continue to tell their story, take us on a journey through time, from the arrival of the Spaniards to present day.

In the Time of the Cathar Moon: End-times thriller. In 1321, the last known Cathar Perfecti promised from the inquisitors fire that the martyred Cathari would return in 700 years to usher in the end of the world as we know it. A young Cajun woman, a stolen child, an order of warrior priests and an imposter pope, battle a world order intent on destruction.

Holly established Sullivan Maxx Literary Agency which found good homes for some amazing books. After selling the agency to an entertainment agency, she has focused on writing, publishing, speaking, teaching and mentoring other writers.

On May 16, 2010, she was ordained as a priest in the Celtic Christian Church.

Her writing is literary with a touch of the supernatural.
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