Kacey Ezell

Kacey Ezell


Kacey Ezell is an active duty USAF instructor pilot with 2500+ hours in the UH-1N Huey and Mi-171 helicopters. When not teaching young pilots to beat the air into submission, she writes sci-fi/fantasy/horror/noir/alternate history fiction. Her first novel, MINDS OF MEN, was a Dragon Award Finalist for Best Alternate History. She has contributed to multiple Baen anthologies and has twice been selected for inclusion in the Year's Best Military and Adventure Science Fiction compilation. In 2018, her story "Family Over Blood" won the Years Best Military and Adventure Science Fiction Readers Choice Award. In addition to writing for Baen, she has published several novels and short stories with independent publisher Chris Kennedy Publishing. She is married with two daughters. You can find out more and join her mailing list at www.kaceyezell.net

Scheduled Programming Events Featuring Kacey Ezell

Day Time Name of Event
Fri 05:00PM Opening Ceremonies

Take advantage of the opportunity to meet the LibertyCon Guests and Staff and learn about this year's planned festivities!

Fri 08:00PM Reading: Kacey Ezell

Come hear our author guest Kacey Ezell read passages of her works.

(60 min)
Fri 10:00PM No S**T There I Was ...

William Joseph Roberts moderates this "war story" discussion with writers who are veterans.



Sat 04:00PM From the Embers

From the Embers: Chris Smith moderates this panel with Kacey Ezell and John Ringo on the post-apocalyptic novel "Gunpowder and Embers." 

Sat 10:00PM The Four Horseman Universe Round Table

Chris Kennedy moderates The 4 Horseman Universe Roundtable 


Sun 12:00PM We Shall Rise Roundtable - The Black Tide Rising Anthology Continues

Come join John Ringo and his crew of authors for their roundtable on the next installment of the Black Tide Rising anthology - "We Shall Rise". Gary Poole moderates.



Sun 02:00PM The Romanov Rescue

 Kacey Ezell moderates this discussion about the new alternate history novel from Baen Books:  The Romanov Rescue.



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