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Valerie Hampton

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Valerie D. Hampton holds a B.A. from the University of Florida, where she was the first to graduated summa cum laude in the interdisciplinary MEMS program (Medieval and Early Modern Studies), and a Masters in Medieval Latin from the Classics department of the University of Florida. She holds a PhD in History dissertation from Western Michigan University. She currently teaches at the University of Florida and is a board member or the MEMS program, while writing Urban Fantasy, Horror, and academic Non-Fiction and producing Indie films under her own label, GrimSisters Production Company.

She has taught Latin at the University of Florida and Western Michigan. She has also taught both online and regular classes in History at Western Michigan as well as Humanities and Film at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Fl.

Her doctoral dissertation, was on Rushen Abbey on the Isle of Man and its relations with secular and religious organizations. She has published articles on Frankish and Viking weaponry, Viking age women in the Isle of Man, medieval medicine and has written multiple encyclopedia entries on religious history. She is currently working on other historical projects. She has been a history consultant for authors and television.

Dr. Hampton founded the American Society for NeoMedievalism, wrote an article on medieval herbology in Harry Potter. She has founded many conventions since 1997, and has been on boards of conventions or asked advise on Neo-Medievalism for them especially in Florida or Michigan, during the time she lived there. She founded the Lupercalia event in 2004, which later turned into Riddle of Steele, still going today in Florida. Later, she founded the first American Game of Thrones convention, Ice and Fire Con.

She has a degree in Film and has taught History in Cinema. She created GrimSisters Production Co. in 1999. Since 2001, her productions have headlined film festivals, been used as documentaries, and won music awards. She is now an associate producer for the in development film Star of the Guardians. GrimSisters is also on pre-production for a new thriller/horror feature movie, screening screenplays, and working on short films as well as moving into the small screen space. GrimSisters has just socialized with The Twisted Twins, so who know which twisted grim movies will be in store...
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