J. D. Beckwith

J. D. Beckwith


J.D. Beckwith is a mechanical engineer with delusions of writing grandeur. He guides the manufacture of machines and equipment by day, but turns his hand to the manufacture of stories by night. His kaizen is strong and his kaku is improving as he works to expand his bibliography in multiple genres with a special love for Science Fiction. He amuses himself with reading, writing book review blogs, RPG gaming, including being a D&D Dungeon Master, arguing on the internet, occasionally growing tomatoes, and herding cats somewhere in the woods of Northwest Georgia.

eConscience Beta (Sci-Fi/Technothriller/Comedy), his first novel, was indie published in November 2017.

The Horizons Unlimited Universe

"Quicksilver" part of Planetary Anthology: Mercury [Superversive Press, Jan. 2018]

"37 Shades of Yellow" part of Planetary Anthology: Venus [Superversive Press, Feb. 2018]

"Xolotl Resurrected" part of Planetary Anthology: Earth [Superversive Press, June 2018]

Horizons Unlimited: Volume 1 (A space adventure anthology)

"Quicksilver" (short story)

"Null Gravitas" (short story)

"Escaping Aurora" (novella)

"Be Careful Where You Poke Your Gungnir" part of Planetary Anthology: Jupiter [Superversive Press, June 2019]

Blog: Words from the Wampuscat @ wampuscatenterprises.wordpress.com

Facebook: J. D. Beckwith - Author
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Horizons Unlimited: Volume 1: A Space Adventure Anthology

eConscience Beta

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