Martha Knowles

Martha Knowles

     Professional Panelist

Martha Knowles, TVIW Treasurer, was a professional librarian and records management specialist. She was administrator and Registrar for the first four TVIW symposia (2011, 2013, 2014, 2016) and was very involved in TVIW 5 in 2017. She's on the organizing committee for TVIW 6 2019 in Wichita.

In another time and place, she is active in the Society for Creative Anachronism, as well as several local science fiction conventions (such as LibertyCon in Chattanooga, TN). She lives in Oak Ridge, TN, with her husband and two cats

Scheduled Programming Events Featuring Martha Knowles

Day Time Name of Event
Fri 05:00PM Opening Ceremonies

Take advantage of the opportunity to meet the LibertyCon Guests and Staff and learn about this year's planned festivities!

Sat 12:00PM Interstellar Research Group (IRG) (Formerly TVIW) Update

Stephen Euin Cobb moderates this panel about the Interstellar Research Group (IRG), formerly known as the Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop (TVIW). The latest IRG Symposia will be discussed along with the upcoming Tucson event.



Sat 01:00PM Science GOH Art Dula and the IRG Discuss Disruptive Space Technologies

Science GOH Art Dula joins the Interstellar Research Group (IRG) to discuss disruptive space technologies.  Stephen Euin Cobb moderates this discussion.



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