Casey Moores

Casey Moores


Casey Moores was a USAF rescue/special ops C-130 pilot for over 17 years- airdropping, air re-fueling, and flying into tiny blacked-out dirt airstrips in bad places using night vision goggles. He's been to those places and done those things with those people. Now he lives a quieter life, translating those experiences to fiction.

He has written in the Four Horsemen universe with stories in numerous anthologies, his debut novel, These Things We Do, and much more to come. In the near future he will be expanding in the Salvage System and Fallen World universes as well. He was also a finalist in the FantaSci fantasy story contest with his short story "A Quaint Pastime".

A Colorado native and Air Force Academy graduate, he is now a naturalized Burqueno, retired in New Mexico.

Scheduled Programming Events Featuring Casey Moores

Day Time Name of Event
Fri 05:00PM Opening Ceremonies

Take advantage of the opportunity to meet the LibertyCon Guests and Staff and learn about this year's planned festivities!

Fri 06:00PM What's New from Cannon Publishing

Author and Publisher John F. Holmes moderates this panel on the what's new from Cannon Publishing.


Fri 08:00PM Meet the Newbies Part 1

William Joseph Roberts moderates this panel "Meet the Newbies Part 1," introducing first time LibertyCon pros to the convention.


Sat 10:00PM The Four Horseman Universe Round Table

Chris Kennedy moderates The 4 Horseman Universe Roundtable 


Sun 11:00AM What's New From 3 Ravens Publishing
William Joseph Roberts moderates this roundtable discussion about What's New From 3 Ravens Publishing.
Sun 02:00PM Reading: Richard Moores

Come hear our author guest Richard "Casey" Moores read passages of his works.

(60 min)
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