Les Johnson

Les Johnson

     STEM / Author

Les Johnson is a scientist, an author, and the NASA Principal Investigator for America's first interplanetary solar sail mission. When he's not designing spaceships or dreaming of going to the stars, he's writing science fiction for Baen or popular science books for Prometheus and Springer.

Scheduled Programming Events Featuring Les Johnson

Day Time Name of Event
Fri 05:00PM Opening Ceremonies

Take advantage of the opportunity to meet the LibertyCon Guests and Staff and learn about this year's planned festivities!

Sat 12:00PM Interstellar Research Group (IRG) (Formerly TVIW) Update

Stephen Euin Cobb moderates this panel about the Interstellar Research Group (IRG), formerly known as the Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop (TVIW). The latest IRG Symposia will be discussed along with the upcoming Tucson event.



Sat 01:00PM Science GOH Art Dula and the IRG Discuss Disruptive Space Technologies

Science GOH Art Dula joins the Interstellar Research Group (IRG) to discuss disruptive space technologies.  Stephen Euin Cobb moderates this discussion.



Sat 03:00PM Space Update

Les Johnson on what has happened in the past year in Space, and what might happen in the coming years.

Les Johnson (moderator)
(60 min)
Sat 06:00PM The Founder Effect

Roundtable discussion of The Founder Effect – an anthology of interstellar colonization.  Dr. Rob Hampson and Sandra Medlock – editors of The Founder Effect – lead a discussion of the shared world of Cistercia with contributors: Monalisa Foster, Chris Kennedy, Les Johnson, David Weber, Mark H. Wandrey, DJ Butler, Dr. Brent M. Roeder, Christopher L.  Smith, Cathe Smith, Sarah Hoyt, Dan Hoyt, Dr. Vivienne Raper – and joined by Brad Torgersen toward the end of the panel. 

Sat 09:00PM Mad Scientist Guest of Honor Edition Roundtable

Roundtable discussion of various and timely science topics moderated by Les Johnson. This is a remarkable panel dating back to the earliest LibertyCons. Everyone gets a say but no one gets to say too much. This year the participants will be the current STEM GOH and 6 Past Science Guests of Honor. 

Sun 12:00PM The Regulation of Space Activities

 Les Johnson moderates this discussion on The Regulation of Space Activities, including international, federal, state, commerical and patent law aspects. 

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