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Aldebar Home

Looks can be deceiving. Kelli looks like a typical teen, but she is far from average. At seventeen, she is beautiful, a genius with computers, and a master criminal. What she isn’t, is human. Tortured by that fact, Kelli is willing to do anything to find out the truth about the father who abandoned her years ago. The father she knew and loved as a young child was an imposter. DNA had proven that he had been an alien. Not just someone from a foreign country, he was from another planet, and she was the result of his “first contact” with humans.

“Come Home!” The words pierced her dream like a javelin hurled across space and time, dragging her from a nightmare.

Following that summons, Kelli begins a quest to solve the mystery of who and what her father was. She joins the first interplanetary student exchange and travels to Aldebar, a planet with seven sentient species. Will she find answers there among the diverse peoples? Will she find a home? Her extraordinary journey will include a notorious info-raider, a sentient computer program with a deadly subroutine, and the honorable, ever truthful Degg. With their help, she will attempt to unlock the secret of who and what she is and find a home where it is okay not to be human.


Teresa Howard
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