All Orca Go to Heaven

Free Multiverse Short Story

All Orca Go to Heaven (a Multiverse Short Story) by Joelle Presby

This is Baen Free Fiction for March 2021. 

Link to story: https://www.baen.com/orca

This short story is set after the events of The Road to Hell (Multiverse #3) by David Weber and Joelle Presby. In the Multiverse of those series novels, two worlds-spanning human civilizations occupy their own chains of Earths connected through naturally occurring portals.

They have been at war since first contact on Hell’s Gate when a powerful telepath, the daughter of the Sharonan Cetacean Ambassador Shalassar, broadcast the defeat of her Sharonan unit of explorers by an Arcanan military exploration force. The Arcanans have magic, often placed in crystals and used to control magically created animals from dragons and griffins to three-headed hydras. The Sharonans have telepaths and steam power level technology. While the Arcanan magic beasts have been an aerial force and a logistical powerhouse, the intelligent whales, dolphins, and orca back on the Sharonan home world have not previously involved themselves in the humans’ conflict.