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Battle Drills

Part of: Fallen Empire (4 books)

An exciting new entry in the universe of the Fallen Empire, started by The Irish Brigade and continued in Overrun!

When the Empire rises, it's glory and fame for the soldier, but when it falls and you're on the long end of a failing supply chain, you have to wonder what all the dying is for. Terran Union Marine Dave Hernandez fights in the last bitter actions of the Succession Wars, living in the mud and blood as incoming fire decimates his squad, the men he called brothers.

After the inevitable drawdown he finds himself as the crewman of a tramp freighter, running between the worlds of the Demilitarized Zone. The DMZ is a place where not a lot of questions are asked and maybe a veteran can find some peace among the stars. Sure, the ship is war surplus, but so is Hernandez. The fact that there's a group of Private Military Contractors protecting the ship means little to him until Illyrian pirates attack and board the vessel, overwhelming the security detail and forcing the Former Marine to bring back old skills that hadn't died as much as he had thought.

With his competence for war noted and his ship wrecked Hernandez signs on with a mercenary company. Far above his head corporate machinations are aiming to make a killing, playing both sides and sacrificing the men with guns for an immense profit, and lives mean nothing compared to money for the ultra rich. Betrayal follows betrayal and the plan descends into bloodshed and mayhem.


Shane Gries
John Holmes
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