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Salvage Title Universe, The Coalition Book 13

With Ruul and the mining company protected and the Bieratang pirates defeated, it’s time for Dahkal and Ryan to journey to Salvage System. Their new battleship and crew await, as well as some unexpected—yet much appreciated—help. Dahkal’s real mission can finally begin.

Ready to face the worst, the Emerald Dragons leave Salvage and head to Sheinrah. On the other side of the gate lies the unknown, which probably includes overwhelming odds and almost certain death. It’s just another day in the life of a merc, however, especially if you’re Sheinrah’s First Heir.

Gortal, still unaware of Dahkal’s continued existence, prepares to fight Reuan and retain his usurped throne. His plans will not be deterred, and his goals will be met. Before his time is through, the galaxy will again know and fear the mighty Sheingal Empire.

As Dahkal and company heads through the stargate, one thing is sure—for every action, there are consequences. Will Gortal reap what he has sown, or will he finally defeat his older brother and take the imperial throne for good?


Nick Steverson
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