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Drunken Cranberries and other Holiday Musings: A Corner Scribblers Holiday Collection

Book 1 of 10: Corner Scribblers Quarterly Collections

The Corner Scribblers is a small writer's support group in the Chattanooga area comprised of writers, authors, and storytellers from a wide range of skills and backgrounds. We come together once a month to discuss our current projects, recent accomplishments and to share what we have each learned about the craft. Within this cover, you will find a collection of holiday-themed flash fiction stories and poetry, displaying a small sample of those combined skills. Includes works by: Isaac Craft, S.L. Starr, Michael Gants, J. D. Beckwith, Reggi Broach, Kit Roberts, and Karin Harris, with a "fLUX Runners" series short by William Joseph Roberts and a "This fallen world" series short by Christopher Woods.


Isaac Craft
Chris Woods
Michael Gants
J.D. Beckwith
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