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Freehold: Defiance

Book 8 of 8: Freehold

Everyone has a different war. For some in the UN Peacekeeping mission to Grainne, the struggle is just to survive. For others, it’s to remain sane, or keep one’s friends and comrades physically and mentally intact. When the rules of engagement are in constant flux, and orders are unclear or based on false information, just getting back inside the fence can be an accomplishment.

For the rebels of the Freehold of Grainne, they must form an organized force from the shattered remnants of their military, and from grimly determined, but underequipped and outnumbered insurgents. Their war is for their very way of life. They’ll do everything and anything to stop this invasion, using whatever means are available. They mean to make the enemy suffer. Quod vulnera curare potes. “Because physical wounds heal.”

Published: 5/4/2021


Chris DiNote
Michael Z. Williamson
Jessica Schlenker
Justin Watson
Philip Wohlrab
John Holmes
Jamie Ibson
Jason Cordova
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