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Goblin Market

Book 28 of 28: Raconteur Press Anthologies

Wander the aisles of the goblin marketplace, where anything can be bought or sold, and where the bargains struck can amuse or captivate!

"I wandered into this collection with the innocent expectation of finding…something familiar to my imagination. Of course, I was wrong (it is one of my skills).

You see, it’s not. It’s a doorway into other people’s imaginations. Thankfully, they’ve been curated by people that took out the ones that you really didn’t want to look into. That’s not to say that what they chose would not take you very, very far away into very strange places, very fast.

The goblin market of ideas is, as this book represents, a place full to bursting, and the exotic brims with the strange allure of worlds not quite seen. They are tempting, exciting, and some a little disturbing. Its visitors bring back stories that will amuse, titillate, and in some cases, remain with you."

Dave Freer

The Goblin Market in Dimension 2046845

May 2024


Becky R. Jones
Doug Goodall
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