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Heart, Wings, and Fire

The 27 Kingdoms, Book One

Before she can save herself, a princess must first save a dragon. But with her memory stolen and power forgotten, how can she do either?

A tyrannical despot claimed Princess Byria as his wife—a prize for slaying the dragon who’d kidnapped her. That very dragon, she’s told, scarred her body and mind, but time and again, her husband adds new scars over her old ones. She can’t remember just who she should fear and why.

Searching for the truth behind her lost memories, Byria finds the dragon, imprisoned and suffering, hidden below the castle. Byria's compassion sparks a new power within her—a magic she didn't know she possessed—enabling her to free the dragon.

Now Byria, branded a traitor, faces her husband’s sadistic wrath. Can she find the courage to follow the dragon to freedom and claim power over who she really is?


Trisha Wooldridge
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