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Hunters & Hijinks

Salvage Treasure Book 1

Have you ever wanted to quit your soul-sucking hell of a day job, tell your supervisors exactly what you think of them, set the office on fire, jump in your slightly used spaceship and scour the galaxy for lost treasures? Of course, you have. And Reggie, Maddy, Ed, and Harold are no different.

Joongee aren’t supposed to like adventure. Quite the opposite, in fact. They’re supposed to like safe, quiet office jobs, become engineers, programmers, or whatever keeps them away from a battlefield or anything remotely dangerous. But after one disappointment too many, Reggie decides that maybe, just maybe, there’s something to Harold’s crazy obsession with the mystery of the Lost Weapons of Koroth. There must be more to life than dying by slow inches in a cubicle. Right? He knows he’s got to do something soon, because if he doesn’t get his small clan away from Galactic Solutions, Maddy really will set the office on fire.

But the galaxy is a dangerous, unforgiving place. It’s full of pirates, overly enthusiastic and sparkly Ahkal-Tiki, and savvy business Krugeri whose minds are as sharp as their claws. It takes cunning, heart, and a whole lot of luck to survive.
Can our office workers-turned-adventurers navigate the treacherous galactic currents, follow the clues, and discover the treasure? Or will they find themselves begging to return to the old 9-to-5?

One thing is certain—there are bound to be hijinks along the way.


Nick Steverson
Melissa Olthoff
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