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Missions of Security

Neustatter’s European Security Services is open for business, and business is . . . too good?

With the National Guard, private industry, and even a seemingly tranquil farming village caught in an explosive political crossroads all relying on NESS for missions of security, Neustatter and Astrid find themselves pressed to staff, train, and equip the agency while keeping up with their clients’ growing requirements in scope and complexity.

-- A simple railway escort mission involves a secretive manufacturing client from Grantville bearing mysterious cargo and a captured fugitive all destined for Magdeburg during the Baltic War . . . what could possibly go wrong?

-- The Bible Society hires NESS to guard a flock of Anabaptist, Catholic, and Lutheran high schoolers en route to riot-torn Erfurt and Jena, but will NESS’s own pastor tear them apart first?

-- Already strapped for personnel, the last thing Neustatter needs is for a regiment of dragoon militia to choose their wagon train for . . . “involuntary provisioning.” Can a handful of badly outnumbered agents protect a village that isn’t sure it wants their help?

Missions of Security is the sequel to A Matter of Security, and contains the full text of the previously published short story, “Blood in Erfurt.”


Bjorn Hasseler
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