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Ravages of Honor - Book 1: Conquest

Syteria was kidnapped as a child. The Rhoans enslaved her, brainwashed and masculinized her in order to turn her into a soldier against her will. Despite this, she has not forgotten who or what she is. It’s why she can’t pull the trigger and kill her brother. She turns rogue in order to save him and his family, knowing that it will cost her everything.

But when the ship taking her to her execution is pulled through space and time, she finds herself a stranger in a strange land, reborn into a new body, the one she would have grown into had the Rhoans not changed her.

Darien, the half-breed prince of a noble House, serves out the last days of his term of exile for defying his emperor. When an alien ship appears out of a wormhole, he can’t resist going after it, no matter the price. He rescues the derelict spaceship’s only survivor, a barely warm corpse he doesn’t even realize is a woman.

His motives are suspect, especially when turning Syteria over to the tender mercies of the Imperium would cost him nothing and redeem him in the eyes of the emperor. Cultures and passions clash in this epic adventure featuring galactic empires, feuding noble houses, and court intrigues.


Monalisa Foster
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