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Renfield Blues: The First Grunt's Grimoire

Alchemical incendiary hollowpoints are only overkill until you run into cranky vampires.

Then they're just warm and crispy ballistics.

Even people who know magic is everywhere sometimes struggle to get by. Blue-collar mage Travis Wayland is a powerful wizard and a decent shot, but he only survived high school by swearing Oaths to some shady characters. The first one he started paying off was simple yet onerous: A year and a night of service owed to the Vampire lord of Atlanta.

We Guide, We Guard, We Never Rule.

This is the Law of Magi.

This morning he woke up with 36 hours to go. He also woke up with missing memories, blood on his breath, and half of the city's Otherworld ready to hunt him down. At his side is an elvish war buddy with his own agenda, an aphasic telepath with a taste for explosives, and a grouchy ex-sacrifice looking for answers.

Fulfill your Oaths or suffer accordingly.

This is the Law of the Otherworld.

His race against the clock will take Travis on a southern fried adventure across the Otherworld of Atlanta, from a vampire-owned nightclub (really, are there any other kind?) to the top of Stone Mountain. Along the way are scheming vampires, homicidal werewolves, and dwarf-owned all-night diners. But a wand and a pistol will only get him so many answers. He'll need every trick up his sleeve to stay alive, get his memory back, and fulfill his Oath before his magic is lost for good.

Blessed Be and pass the ammunition!


Jay Peterson
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