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Southern Fried Sci-Fi

An eclectic collection of stories from the members of the North Alabama Science Fiction and Cake Appreciation Society.

Earl, Bubba, and the Flying Hubcap -- by Louise Herring-Jones – Two Alabama good ol’ boys have a close encounter.

Messenger -- by Dan Thompson – A wanderer arrives at an isolated village with news about the plague that devastated the world.

Pink Eggs in a White Box -- by Michael Guillebeau – A lonely technician finds love in an unexpected place.

Mother Gone -- by Nancy G. Swanner – Three children search for their kidnapped mother, unaware that there is magic involved.

Blinkedy-Blink --- by Cheryl Rydbom – A young woman bent on avenging her defrauded grandmother receives unexpected and mysterious aid.

Harry Truman Remembered -- by Louise Herring-Jones – The Mt. St. Helen volcanic eruption is remembered in a poem.

Talent Scout -- by Scott E. Hancock – Searching for people with paranormal talents, an undercover scout finds more than he was looking for.

An Untimely Winter Wind -- by Mary Brunini McArdle – A cold winter wind brings magical visitors to a woman in North Alabama.

Pattern for Change -- by Liana Thompson – A genetics researcher makes a startling discovery about the ‘junk DNA’ in the human genome.

Starla Page and the Dream of Odysseus -- by Rebecca Brown – The crew of the “Claw” were used to danger, but when they tried to salvage a derelict starship they discovered more than even they were prepared for.

Hardrad’s Choice -- by Lisa J. Prince – A priest must decide whether or not to challenge the murderer of his aristocratic father.

Meemaw’s Wachukkas -- by Stephen Webb – Grady’s Meemaw had a secret recipe and its ingredients couldn’t all be found in the garden patch.

What I Know About Heroes -- by Chuck Wilkerson – A strange old man shows a young collegue that there may be something in life beyond fast food service.

Gods Among Men: Bishop Storm -- by Kenny Emmanuel – A young man is caught up in a secret war between a vigilante group and an idealistic organization on the verge of creating a new world order.

Everyone’s Right -- by Nancy G. Swanner – A couple’s moonlight drive has an unexpected destination.

In the Zone of Alienation -- by Dan Thompson – A young woman on a motorcycle ride through the restricted zone around the Chernobyl nuclear plant discovers it is not as dead as most people think.

Theme from an Imaginary Western -- by Tom Winstead – A man tries to find meaning as his life keeps looping back through a surreal Wild West adventure.

Oasis -- by N. Burke Maulsby – Isolation on a remote planet combined with immortality drives some of its inhabitants to desperate measures.

A Wake for Rufus -- by Louise Herring-Jones – Four friends share a meal in memory of the departed Rufus.

It Came from Ophiuchi -- by Dan Thompson – A collector finally acquires the rare Tibetan Cheese, just in time for an alien to claim it as its own.

Lianas -- by B. Kim Hagar – An elderly woman living on the Moon helps a friend find closure over the loss of her husband.

Caring Touch -- by Liana Thompson – Even death can’t stop a mother’s love.

Valentine -- by Scott Hancock – A child of the night searches and questions, and during his darkest hour finds all of his answers at once.

The Renegade -- by Ginger K. Nelson – A tattoo on a dead body drives a staid and prudish woman to uncharacteristic behavior.

Resurrection Dance - by B. Kim Hagar – Poetic vision of the sky.

Shifting Gears -- by Lin Nielsen Cochran – On Mars, an angry girl attempts the most challenging mountain bike ride in the Solar System, Mons Olympus.


Louise Herring-Jones
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