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Stories That Sing: Havok Season Two

Book 2 of 10: Havok Flash Fiction

FLASH FICTION POWERED BY SONG. From Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra to The Police and Nirvana, the stories in this collection were inspired by the music of the last seventy years—and beyond.

Meet a man living in a time loop, argue with a darksoul caught in a mirror, outwit a stalker, and catch Cerberus before the three-headed dog ruins Christmas in Central Park. Find out what it’s like to be a skinthief, to hunt a genie—or become one—and track down a missing Megabot. But with all that excitement, don’t forget to pay attention to the clues and try to figure out which song inspired the story! HOW MANY SONGS CAN YOU GUESS?

With forty-five stories written for fans of mystery, science fiction, fantasy, thriller, and comedy, Stories That Sing: Havok Season Two is bursting with lyrical beauty and imagination.


Sophia Hansen
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