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These Things We Do

In the Galactic Union, few Human corporations are as storied or as well-known as the Intergalactic Haulers. Yet, they’re only one piece of a larger story.

During the Alpha Contracts, one hundred of Earth’s finest mercenary organizations went to the far reaches of the Galaxy to fight for credits. Only four returned. The rest, tens of thousands of humanity’s best warriors, were gone. Unbeknownst to most, a small, unconventional group chose a different path. Their foresight and unique talents set the stage not only for the long-haul shipping company of the present day, but of something else.

Years later, a promising young mercenary receives an invitation to a strange, secretive shipping company. There, he discovers a shadowy organization dating back to the Alpha Contracts. An organization dedicated to rescuing Human mercenaries and returning them with honor. An organization, which—despite its many faults—restores his faith in humanity. It gives him purpose and earns him his nickname: Bull.

Unfortunately, this clandestine company, and their heroic efforts, have not gone unnoticed. When a high profile hostage rescue goes bad, Bull and Jimmy Francis—the young pilot known as Snowman—find themselves searching for a way to create a better, more capable company so that others may live—all while hiding in plain sight.


Casey Moores
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