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To Have and to Hold

Four Horsemen Sagas Book 9

The Caroons of Efmaht just wanted two things: to make billions of credits off their lucrative red diamond mines and to be left alone to spend their profits in peace. But the Galactic Union doesn’t work that way. You can’t sit on a treasure for long without someone trying to take it from you. And the Caroons, well, violence isn’t their strong suit.

Veetanho mercenary commander Treeta wants to be the one to capture the Caroons’ nearly unlimited wealth, and she’s put together a deadly combination of Besquith and Zuul mercenaries, two of the most dangerous mercenary races in the galaxy.

But then the Caroons enlist an unlikely group of allies to help them: Rawlins’ Raiders, a Human mercenary company.

These are dangerous days for Humans to be mercenaries, though, as they’re soft, squishy, and nearly defenseless without their armored CASPer mechs. And even with the CASPers’ massive firepower, more Human mercenary units vanish on contract than successfully return.

Will the Raiders be able to withstand the combined might of two of the most dangerous merc species in the galaxy and help the Caroons hold what they have, or will Rawlins’ Raiders be the next Human merc company to not return from a contract?


Zane Voss
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