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Anita Moore



Anita S. Moore

That's me.

 I'm a mom (both are adult sized folks now) Artist, business manager / "figure-it-out" accountant (cuz I have to be)   project manager,  lead artist,  ship staff,  cleaning crew,  and chief cat herder...MEOW

I do love to sketch and paint... However, for the last 20 years I have made my living creating immersive 3D environments for tabletop wargames and RPG adventures under the business name,

"Foofighterubu Wargame Terrain Studio"   ( also a big gallery of 15+ years of work on FB of the same name) AND,   It is still a work in progress, but after 20 years of selling terrain online, I made a website!

Examples of 3D work are also showcased on a variety of galleries for tools and materials employed in the work.> A complete list can be found on  my website or FB Pro page.

Stuff about the artist.....

 Yeah as always, I never really know what to say here. but I suppose I'm happy to talk about influences, encouraging friends and family, Difficulties and challenges. Joys and fun times. Catch up to me over the weekend.

Most of these stories are easily set in the world of Sci-Fi Conventions. From Ann Robard's early encouragement to bring my work to conventions to present day, the community of artists I am blessed to be part of are inspiring, encouraging, and many I count as dear friends. They challenge me when I find myself standing too long in the same place, and have drawn me out of discouragement and complacency more times than they know. Just by bringing what they get to do for a living to our weekend among our mutual tribe of nerds and  fantasists, gamers and bookwyrms.

Today, one of my great joys is found in the occasional opportunity to sit at a Con suite table doodling in sketch pads with young artists who aren't sure their work is good enough to show at a convention.  Often we browse each other's sketch books and I tell them what they are doing well, suggest some books and online instruction and examples to pick up techniques and things to grow the skill and talent. And talking to parents about what it will cost for their panel and who to talk to to get on a mailing list to stay informed and in the loop. We shall see what the future holds.

Last. A while back I thought it might be nifty to see some of my early Cthulhu art on T-shirts.

These can be found on Tee Public (TeePublic.Com)  under the shop name "Moore Mythos"

Prints etc may be found at under my name, Anita S. Moore or "Moore Art" and "Moore Mythos"

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