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Bjorn Hasseler



Bjorn Hasseler found Eric Flint's novel 1632 in a public library. Then he discovered that fans were not just allowed but encouraged to write in the 1632 universe. He writes the Neustatter's European Security Service thread (A Matter of Security, Missions of Security, Security Threats) and co-edited 1637: The Coast of Chaos and A 1632 Christmas. A few years ago, he volunteered to help out and is now the managing editor of the Grantville Gazette. Please, ask him how you can write for the Grantville Gazette without having to read all fourteen million words first.

Bjorn lives near Laurel, Maryland and has worked as a military reenactor, a library page, a sports information director, a data manager, a registrar, and an academic advisor.


Security Threats


Missions of Security


A Matter of Security

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